5 mins

Why Your Business Needs A Website

Website been built

Believe it, or believe it not, even though websites have been around for over 20 years and are expected to exceed 1 billion by 2016 a large number of businesses, especially SME’s, still have no website and that’s just crazy. But Phillip, I hear you say, “Why do I need a website” The answer is ...

4 mins

How To Get Supporters For Your Company

Businessman Been Thrown In The Air

The simple answer which, unfortunately, is not simple, is you must make yourself invaluable, and be seen by your audience as the go-to resource where they know the answers to their problems can be found.  This has to go for both company brands as well as you as an individual,  Solving problems, providing guidance, and ...

6 mins

5 great social media tools

Social Media Tools

A client of mine recently said to me “Phillip, you’re always posting on Linkedin and tweeting on Twitter, yet you still manage time to send me quotes, updates on my jobs and generally look after my business.  How do you do it?” I replied simply that I was a guru and truly gifted at what ...