5 Super Social Media Tools

5 Super Social Media Tools

A client of mine recently said to me “Phillip, you’re always posting on Linkedin and tweeting on Twitter, yet you still manage time to send me quotes, updates on my jobs and generally look after my business.  How do you do it?”

I replied simply that I was a guru and truly gifted at what I do.  Of course, I am kidding and the reality of what I actually said was very different.  I was flattered to get that type of positive feedback and I simply said “I used some social media tools that help me stay social without impacting on my time”

Social Media changes by the minute it seems and just like you reading this post it can get very daunting but what I have tried to do is immerse myself in it and I have tried to stay relevant without letting it take over my whole life which it would if you let it.

When I started tweeting on Twitter back in 2012, I had no clue what I was doing, and I am still learning day by day, but as I started to follow people like Kim Garst, Jeff Bullas, Melonie Dodaro and Neal Schaffer, I was amazed, scared and freaking out, just how often they posted and the knowledge they had.

But gradually by reading their posts I soon began to learn tips, secrets, and tools that these great social media experts used and applied them to how I was using social media to promote myself.

As someone who has gone through that burnout period especially with Twitter in trying to keep up with the constant content flow, I really understand and empathise just how frustrating it can be to pull yourself out of the constant content that you can potentially be bombarded with on all social media channels.

So, before I go and touch on the 5 tools I use daily to help me, I want you to do the one thing that I did that helped me above anything else to treat my utter despair and frustration when I started.

Stop worrying!

When I first started I worried, no scared out of my wits about missing a post or an update. I felt like I had to sign up for every blog or download every Ebook that an expert might suggest.

Stressed Business Man needing help

I was literally drowning in a sea of content and not getting to read or understand any of it.  As I managed to read one post it was replaced by 20 more and then another 20 etc etc.

So one day, I sat down and decided to make peace with myself and agree just for me, that I could only read so much, only follow so many conversations, and ultimately I mapped out a plan which I suppose could be referred to as my own editorial calendar, even though I did not realise or know what that was at the time. Subsequently, when I then discovered these tools suddenly my relationship with social media took on a totally new and positive light.

5 Great Social Media Tools


Content marketing is very much the lead topic in social media conversations.  We are all trying to find relevant content, whether to learn from, share with our audience or use as the basis for a blog.  It can be daunting and very frustrating, especially if you are visiting multiple websites.

Feedly I believe is one excellent solution to this problem. In essence, Feedly is a news curation tool and enables me to drive all the content from sites, blogs or individuals that I am interested in reading to this one source.

This means that I will never miss an update again, or have to spend hours jumping from website to website looking for content. It allows me to easily share posts that I feel would be of interest to my followers and It also allows for integration with Buffer (my next tool below) so that as I read content I can tweet it immediately or schedule it to be posted later.


I try to share regular updates to Twitter and Linkedin but sometimes real life takes over and trying post material in real time can be very difficult.  Also, as I am based in Ireland and have followers in other parts of the world who are on different time zones, I want to try to ensure that all my followers have some opportunity if possible to read my post at a time that may be best for them.

Buffer allows me to schedule multiple tweets to my Twitter account and Linkedin profile in one very easy process and then send them out at agreed times during the day.  I can’t recommend this one enough.


Have you ever come across a website page or an article that you really want to read now but the present time is just not possible. With Pocket installed on my web toolbar, my iPhone, and my Ipad I can simply click the pocket icon and this page is saved for reading and then sharing later.  It’s another time-saving tool for me to keep up with content that I want to read in the future.


I always try to respond to every Twitter interaction, message etc that I get.  After all social media is about being social but this tool really helps me create relationships by scheduling thank you and engagement tweets.  It also allows me to see my tweet performance and who are the people in my community that I need to focus on.  One to definitely consider to help you get the most out of Twitter and growing relationships.


One area apart from content that all bloggers struggle with at some time is finding good images that can be used without fears of legal infringement. Pixabay I find has an excellent array of images for use on a blog that is free to use.  Even though they are creative commons image and hence completely free to use, I always like to credit the source with a link back to where I got the image.  Their image is helping me so if I can help them back, great.

I know there are a lot more tools particularly in the area of SEO such as Google Analytics and I will have more posts with more great finds,  but I wanted to give you some of the tools that have helped me get up and running, and which continue to help me learn and grow in this very exciting space.

If you are looking to understand how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy you can get my free ebook by clicking the download button below without having to give any personal details.  I want to give you the best information possible and if you like the content all I ask is that you please share with your community and tell people about the website.

Thanks for reading and please do share with your community.

Phillip (The Curly Marketer)

Thank you to freepik.com for the images used in this post


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