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3 tools to use when writing your next blog post

3 tools to use when writing your next blog post

Do you write a blog or are you starting to create one?¬† In today’s #curlymarketer tip video below I give you three tools that are definitely ones you should check out and consider using and best of all they are free ūüĎćūüöÄ



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How To Curate Content That Your audience Will Love

How To Curate Content That Your audience Will Love

The idea for this post came about because a lot of people I know have asked me how am I able to have a constant flow of information going through my Linkedin feed and my Twitter account.  The answer that I always give is, I curate content which I then schedule to be sent to my social networks at certain times of the day.

However, I have found that when I give this answer invariably I am asked, what is content curation and how do you do it.

Hopefully, with this post, you will get a very clear idea of what content curation is in my opinion, how I do it, and most importantly why I do it.


What Is Content Curation?

Very simply it is the process of finding information, whether it is in a text format, an image, a video etc which you believe will be of real interest, relevance, benefit, and motivation for your target audience or community.  Once you know what your audience likes, wants and responds favourably to, you can now put in place a curation and content plan to find and share with them similar information that will further enhance your profile and help sow the seeds for a potential business relationship.


How Do You Find Content?

I am going to tell you what I do which has helped me strengthen my personal brand and also allowed me to really self-educate and keep moving as new updates in the marketing industry occur.

The first thing that I did was I had figure out what were the areas that I really had a passion for, and for which I had this never-ending thirst for wanting knowledge and education. For me, it was social media and blogging tips hence I began to search online for the best resources where I could sign up for a newsletter and have excellent content come to my email.


How Do You Find Content?


However, I eventually experienced, what I think we have all gone through at some point, inbox overload.  I was getting more emails than I could handle and soon became swamped with a myriad of information that saw me mass unsubscribe as I struggled for air.

My saving grace in this world of constant content and my recommended content curation tool was Feedly.   Feedly, is very simply a content aggregator, in which you can search for content feeds that interest you, add them to a folder that you can name and then any time a new piece of content is produced by the author you have chosen to follow, it automatically is put into your designated folder within the application.

There is an excellent search feature, as well as a host of different topics you can search within such as food, tech, design, marketing, fashion, gaming, baking etc but as you can see the ability to have the content you want to curate and share, all housed and saved to this one application rather than a constant flow of emails has made this process a joy and very easy.

When I first started curating content with Feedly, the first marketing blog resource I saved was¬†Social Media Examiner¬†(SME) which is the world’s leading marketing blog managed by¬†Michael Stelzner. ¬†If you are in Marketing and read nothing else this is the go-to resource. ¬†The information, the clarity of writing, the experts who guest post, make this a truly an outstanding fountain of up to the minute information. ¬†To further back this up the Social Media Examiner podcast is another brilliant resource which I now listen to in the car, and if you are in this space it is a must to listen to and can be easily downloaded via iTunes or on the podcast app on the iPhone/Ipad.

Once I added SME to Feedly, it introduced me to other marketing experts in various fields as well as presenting its top marketing blogs for the year.  This information was invaluable in that it allowed me to actively search for these blogs, and their authors and then add their content feeds into the Feedly application so that my marketing rich content was now starting to grow.

As you can start to see using an application like Feedly allows you to curate, find and store content that you and your audience are passionate about.


How Do You Share It Once You Have Curated It?

When you open an article in Feedly, you will notice a shield type image in the right-hand corner, a tweet bird image and then 3 dots. The shield is for another recommended tool I use called Pocket.

In essence, when you install Pocket into your browser’s toolbar and you come across a web page that has some content you want to read later, you can simply click on the pocket symbol and it will save that¬†web page for you to review later. ¬†It means that rather you having to keep bookmarking loads of sites, you now have a very handy way of saving this information for you to review at a later date.

How Do You Share It Once You Have Curated It?


If you want to tweet out a piece of information you have found in your Feedly content, simply click the twitter bird icon (make sure you have authorised your Feedly account to access your Twitter profile) and it will bring up the tweet for you to see. At this stage, you can add relevant hashtags before keywords within the tweet such as #marketing etc, put in the relevant @mention if not present to the author of the content you are sharing, choose the twitter account you want the tweet to go to and hit publish.

However, as I mentioned at the start, I like to schedule posts to feed into my Twitter feed and my Linkedin profile. To allow me to do this, I use another very popular and excellent tool called Buffer which allows me schedule content at the dates and times that I want.

Once I authorise Feedly to access my Buffer account, which in turn has access my Twitter feed and my Linkedin profile, I am able to schedule up to 10 tweets and 10 LinkedIn updates in the free version, to be sent at agreed times during the day, 7 days a week.

The days and times you want to set are very easy to do in Buffer, and once you have this done you can in effect curate and schedule all your posts the night before so that the following day they are distributed at the agreed times.

The days and times you want to set are very easy to do in Buffer, and once you have this done you can in effect curate and schedule all your posts the night before so that the following day they are distributed at the agreed times.

In order to add content from Feedly to your Buffer profiles for Twitter and Linkedin, all you have to do is click on the 3 dots in top right-hand corner when you have an article open in Feedly.

When you have done this you will see an options box of lots of things you can do such as share to Google+, Facebook or email the link etc.  You need to select the Buffer option which is the middle option and once you do this, like when you are sending an instant tweet, you will see the proposed text that will be sent.

You can then click on select accounts, choose your Twitter and Linkedin profiles, and then click Buffer, and that article is placed in your queue for posting to both of those networks.  What I always do is spend some time each night reviewing the feed of articles that I have in my feed on Feedly, and when I find articles that I have read and which I feel my audience would appreciate and find interesting I schedule them.


Key Things To Remember With Content Curation?

Firstly, you should be constantly exploring and finding out who are the leading experts in the various fields and topics that you are interested in curating and sharing information from.  The reason for this is that by engaging, sharing and commenting on these influencers articles, your own personal brand, and your own created content can begin to get in front of these people and their network, which can enhance your reach and personal brand profile.

Key Things To Remember With Content Curation?

As I mentioned above my lead passion is social media and blogging tips so these would be the primary topics that I write content for and curate content for sharing.

Here is a small list of some of the key experts I subscribe to from where I find great content to curate and share with my audience.

Blogging Tips             Blogger Sidekick and  Problogger

Social Media               Kim Garst, Madalyn Sklar and  Melonie Dodaro             

Secondly, don’t just copy the content as you find it. ¬†By acknowledging and giving the author a mention, you are giving them a virtual compliment which once again goes to enhancing your personal brand and allow you connect with leaders in your field of interest.

For example, if you are sharing someone’s content on Twitter and Linkedin, simply putting the¬†@ sign and their name will ensure they get notified that you have shared their content. ¬†For Google+, putting the¬†+ sign and then their name once again gives them a virtual commendation for the content. ¬†At the end of the day, it is about respect, relationship building and building your profile as someone who practices with transparency and honesty.


Content Curation Takes Time

Content curation does require you to invest time in the research for quality information to curate and share.

Having all the tools like Feedly, Buffer and Pocket, is no use if you are not actively researching and reading content.

Therefore, if this is something you want to do you need to set aside time each day to do the work, curate the content and share it out.

Content Curation Takes Time

One way to help you stay on top of this is to create an editorial calendar for yourself so that you know what topics you want to share on a given week and therefore allowing you focus on the search for content relevant to that week’s posts. ¬†To help you get started here is an excellent post by Hubspot to show you how to do this using a Google Calendar.


I Curate Because Above All I Want To Constantly Learn


I spend time each day reading, sharing and commenting on information.

Yes, I want to build my profile and engage with the leading experts and peers in the marketing arena and build my own tribe as the excellent Seth Godin detailed in his book Tribes.

But an even bigger source of motivation for me is the learning and self-education I get which is invaluable, and it has allowed me to implement ideas and share material with clients, which had I not done this, I would never have had the knowledge or skill set to do.



If you consider content curation as part of your self-education process and part of your plan for bettering yourself, it suddenly becomes a different animal because now it gives you the tools and ability to improve yourself, which at the end of the day is something we should all strive for.

What I have detailed here is what I do but the key thing is to find what fits for you and your audience, and once you find your niche and process that works, keep doing it, refining, learning and reaching out to the experts as you will find out that reciprocation will soon follow.

If you have any other tools, tips and would like to share how you curate content I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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4 Tools That Will Make You A Content Marketing Superstar

4 Tools That Will Make You A Content Marketing Superstar

As someone who has started blogging more seriously in 2017, one of the biggest challenges I have faced like a lot of bloggers and content marketers is coming up with what to write about next.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not stuck for content or ideas as I use Feedly¬†to curate articles from my favourite marketing blogs and then¬†Evernote¬†to store the blog posts and articles covering numerous marketing topics that I want to read again.

The problems I faced were what the overall topic should my post for a particular month be, how could I craft a headline that would resonate with the audience to want to read my post and how could I ensure my grammar and spelling made for a rewarding and clear experience for the reader.

In my search to find solutions, I found the following which has made a huge difference to my content creation and I would urge you to consider implementing and using these yourself.

4 Tools That Will Make You A Content Marketing Superstar


1 Buzzsumo

When writing a new blog post you dream of it going viral and getting shared by multiple followers.  However, the reality is a very different story as that lovely blog post you have created sees shares languish in single digit figures.

While there are many reasons why your piece of content has not taken your audience by storm one explanation could be that your subject and content matter is just not popular or of interest.

To help you find what is popular before you write anything you should head over to Buzzsumo.

This tool is free and allows you to input a blog topic you are thinking off in order to display the most popular posts and social media shares that each post got.

The benefits of this are fantastic because you can quickly see what is resonating online, who the blogger is that wrote the post so that you could engage with them and link to their content within your post and what channels worked best based on the content.

See below a very good tutorial from John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing explaining how to use this tool to great effect.



2 Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

So let’s say you have used Buzzsumo to see if your chosen topic has popularity. Now you need to come up with your blog post topic based on that subject and to help you do this look no further than the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator.

This is a really easy yet effective tool to help you come up with a topic for your post.  All you have to do is put in three keywords related to the topic you want to write about and the topic generator will give back various topics from which you can choose to create a post.

For example, I put in the following 3 words:

1 Blogging

2 Content Marketing

3 Twitter


These are the blog topic suggestions I got back:

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Blogging

Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Content Marketing? Take This Quiz

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Twitter

5 Tools Everyone In The Blogging Industry Should Be Using

Why We Love Content Marketing (And You Should, Too!)


As you can see this tool has real benefits to help you get started with creating your next post.


3 Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

The legendary David Ogilvy said the following:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy‚ÄĚ

Your headline is the first piece of copy your audience sees.  So whether it is your next blog post, ebook title, email headline, direct mail letter etc if it does not intrigue or capture the immediate attention of your audience you will lose the reader.

To help you craft a headline that will resonate and grab your audience’s attention you should use the Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer. ¬†It is a free tool to use and all you have to do is type in your chosen headline and it will rank it based on grammar, readability, and structure.

For this Linkedin article title, I got a rank of 84 which is positive.

Click here, paste in the headline of this Linkedin post and you will see the report breakdown how the headline was ranked.


4 Grammarly

I must admit I have a problem sometimes with commas and when to use the words been and being in my sentences. However, with Grammarly, I have reduced these issues.

According to their website Grammarly is the world’s leading automated proofreader and based on my experience I can’t argue.

By using it your content will be checked for a large number of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors as well as offer useful wording suggestions to further enhance your content.



By using these 4 tools I have no doubt your content will become better which in turn will lead to more readers, engagement and shares among your audience.

If you are interested in more content tools then visit my marketing resources page where I have a free ebook for download reviewing these 4 tools plus 12 others to help you create better content now.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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This Is The One Thing All Twitter Experts Use For Success

This Is The One Thing All Twitter Experts Use For Success

Twitter was a revelation to me when I joined back in 2012.  Here was a medium that allowed me to engage, converse, promote myself and most importantly, begin to create online relationships with influencers who I looked up to.

I still consider myself the proverbial Twitter white belt but I am steadily growing my community on average between 5 and 10 new followers each day.

However, one thing that I struggled with was how do I keep up with all the tweets from those key influencers especially when I was getting multiple new tweets every second from everyone else I was following?

Social media and the entire marketing arena is not changing by the day or even by the hour, it is changing every second of every minute of every hour and we all see wave after wave of updates populating our Twitter feed.

The end result is that the majority of these tweets are not getting read even though there could be some real nuggets of knowledge.

And that is a real shame.

Following some research, I discovered this is the one thing all Twitter experts use for success to allow them actively engage with the tweets they are most eager not to miss.

They use Twitter lists.

A Twitter list will allow you to create a list defined by an interest or topic so that you can add the key people you follow directly into a central repository so that you never miss one of their tweets again.

For example. Maybe you want to ensure you are focussed on never missing the tweets of key marketing influencers.

All you have to do is create a marketing list and then add the people who you don’t ever want to miss tweets from.

Here is a great article from Social Media Examiner as to how to create your very first Twitter list so you can start today.


What is the advantage of creating a Twitter list?

If we take the example above where you have created a marketing list and have added a number of people who you follow.

Instead of hopelessly scrolling through the hundreds of tweets you have in your feed you can now simply go to your Twitter list for marketing, and easily see, read, engage and ultimately share what they are posting.

The amount of time you will win back using Twitter lists will be incredible, and it also ensures that you never really miss any of those pearls of wisdom that the people in this list are sharing.


Why you need to start using Twitter lists today


1 Better Engagement With Your Influencers

At the end of the day, you want to interact, engage and converse with the leaders, visionaries and influencers in your industry.
By having a designated Twitter list or lists, it will allow you to keep up with what these people in your chosen industry are tweeting about, and allow you to retweet, comment, share their material and ultimately help you start to engage and converse with them directly.


2 Lets You Keep Up To Date And Be Relevant

Having hot topics or knowing about the next big thing in your industry, or in the area that you are interested in is like gold.  For example, both the Huffington post and Mashable Twitter accounts constantly tweet breaking news before a lot of others have even heard of it.  What better way to raise your profile, and your authority, by been first in the eyes of your followers and peers to tweet some breaking news.


3 Ability To Engage With Your Twitter Advocates

Twitter, like all the other social media channels, is about been social and interacting with people. ¬†Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to engage and share the tweets of those followers who seem to always share, support and re-tweet your content?

By creating a Twitter list of these advocates, you now can engage with them directly on Twitter, and in affect thank them for supporting your content by doing the same back for them.

In affect, this reciprocation when relevant encourages them to share your tweets even more as you begin to grow a lasting two-way relationship.  This is social engagement in action.


4 List Your Clients

Set up a Twitter list of your clients and see what they are posting about.  More than likely you may find that through their tweets there may be new solutions you could offer them, plus you can bring an added proactive dimension to the relationship you have already.


5 Keep An Eye On The Competition

Don’t forget, if you are on Twitter, chances are your competition is too. ¬†See what they tweeting about, posting and sharing, to recognise any potential threats you need to deal with or explore opportunities that you can exploit.


To conclude

As you can see Twitter lists are a feature that you really cannot ignore if you want to get more engaged on the platform.
The positives are overwhelming and the benefits accrued I have no doubt will allow you elevate your current Twitter strategy.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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4 Reasons You Need To Use Infographics For Content Marketing Success

4 Reasons You Need To Use Infographics For Content Marketing Success

Infographics over the last few years have become extremely popular because they can easily display information in a way that we can understand clearly.

Amanda Sibley listed 19 reasons in her article on the Hubspot blog in 2012 as to why you should include visual content in your marketing and the following 3 statistics in particular resonated with me.

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

If you just focussed on these three statistics you quickly see how the use of visual content such as an infographic is critical to achieving success in getting your message noticed.

Think about the following statistics.  On WordPress alone, 53.8 million blog posts are created every month, 500 million tweets are sent on Twitter each day and 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute!

So you can see very clearly that if our target audience is bombarded with all this content, the use of a visual tool such as an infographic may just be the help needed to create stand out from all the other content coming at your audience.

Jeff Bullas wrote a great article entitled 9 Awsome Reasons To Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing and from reading this piece here are 4 key benefits that should leave you in no doubt as to why you need to use them.


1 Easily Understood

People are highly visual and our brains can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, it makes complete sense to use a visual mechanism such as infographics to explain, share and promote your content.


2 Great For Sharing

People like to share great content, and because of the visual impact of infographics, the chances of it been shared across a number of social mediums increases and therefore increases your brand reach.


3 Awareness For Your Brand

Creating personalised, branded and data-rich infographics for your business can help position you as an authority and create real brand recognition for you in your field of expertise.


4 Traffic To Your Website

Infographics, just like a blog or an ebook, are a very valuable content tool.  Displaying information deemed relevant and useful by your target audience will help drive more traffic to your website, and have a positive SEO effect as Google starts to look on you as more of an authority and hence reward your site with a better page ranking.

Now before you say, “that is all wonderful Phillip, but I have no designer, no budget, and no design skills to create infographics”, help is at hand.

Canva is a brilliant tool that is very easy to use for creating your own, and best of all, they have a large number of templates that are free.

It is so easy to use, that I created a very simple one below in under 10 minutes, using some more excellent reasons to use this visual content tool courtesy of Pawan Kumar writing on the business2community blog.




I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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5 Tips For Linkedin Success

5 Tips For Linkedin Success

August 17, 2009 was a big day for me. It was the day when I decided to become a member of Linkedin.

It was certainly one of the best things that I have done from a business perspective, as well as for my own personal brand as a marketer.  And when you consider the continued growth of Linkedin within the social media mix, and that nearly one-third of all professionals are members, it is incredible to think that there are still a lot of business people who have not yet joined.

With nearly 6 years under my Linkedin belt, I have learned a lot, and I have been very fortunate enough to become connected with some incredible and highly influential business leaders, who I am able to learn and engage with for guidance.

One such expert is Melonie Dodaro who is regarded as the number 1 Linkedin expert in Canada, and from reading her excellent book, The Linkedin Code, my entire approach to this very important business channel has changed for the good.

There is still a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of knowledge about how to best use Linkedin for your company, as well as for you as an expert in your chosen field.

But the following 5 tips for Linkedin success will give you a great platform to set you on your way to getting to grips with this very powerful social network.





1 Let Me See You

I am still amazed to see on Linkedin, many profiles in which there is no photograph of the individual. ¬†They say first impressions last and when I don’t see a profile photo it does leave an impression, the wrong one.

In my opinion, it creates a mistrust and a doubt about the validity of the individual. ¬†Why don’t they want to show their face, have they something to hide, can I believe what the person says in their profile? ¬†Just as bad as not having a photo, is having one which is poorly taken, trying to be creative but ends up looking ridiculous or is just an angry scowl.

I have seen all these variations and I often wonder what were people thinking of at the time. ¬†Remember, your Linkedin photo is a visual representation of you and your personal brand, so make it count to show yourself in the best light possible and please smile, it can’t hurt that much, as you may never know who is looking you up.


2 Tell Me Your Story

Your profile and biography on Linkedin is your chance to shine and tell the community what you do, your achievements and how you ultimately solve problems. ¬†But if you don’t put the effort into completing your profile and writing it with search in mind, you will become another member that will see very low profile views.

If you are familiar with Google Adwords or have been involved with Search Engine Optimisation for your website, you will no doubt have heard of the phrase ‘keyword’. ¬†In simple terms, a keyword is a word or a series of words called long tail key-words, which someone uses to search for the answer to a question, problem etc when they conduct a search online. ¬†Having certain keywords on your website will help and increase the chances that your website will be found.

The same goes for Linkedin.  By using keywords specific to what you do and your expertise in your profile, you can improve the chances of being  found when someone does a search on Linkedin for a particular person with a certain skill set.

The key thing to emphasise without going through this step by step is that it is imperative that you go through every part of the profile section and complete it to 100% and especially getting a couple of recommendations. Not only does it validate you as a professional, but you will be giving yourself an excellent chance of ensuring that your profile will be found by like-minded professionals, who may want to do business, discuss opportunities or connect to learn from you.

3 Personalise Every Invitation To Connect

I don’t know about you, but I tend not to accept a request from someone who has not made the effort to at least introduce themselves to me. ¬†There is something I think very cold about “I would like to add you to my connections” etc etc. ¬†So why do you want to add me? ¬†Maybe I am just making up the numbers for you so that you can get to that 500+ connections and look like a big hitter?

My personal rule is that for people I know and people who I don’t know but would like to make contact and grow a business relationship with, I always send a personalised message with my invite. ¬†The key thing is that you have to find that common ground and core reason as to why you want to link in with the person, and likewise for them, they need see some value from you.

So with this in mind, I would urge you not to send Linkedin requests via the app as there is no functionality within it to send a personalised message so this defeats the purpose in my opinion.


4 Go On, Say Thank You

This is a simple action that I feel really helps the start of a new Linkedin relationship.  If someone you have invited to connect accepts, my advice is, send that person a little message to say, thank you.  You would be surprised at how positive your new connection will feel when they are thanked, and it gives you that bit of extra professional polish and a personalised touch.


5 Get Into Groups

Linkedin, like all social media, is first and foremost about been social and engaging with your audience, target market, and all your connections.  One excellent way to engage with like-minded professionals, share your opinions, give guidance and ultimately boost your own professional status as an expert, is to join relevant groups in your niche and sphere of interest.  I myself have joined 5 groups with one group request pending but I have connections who are members in 40+ groups.

From my own personal experience, trying to be active in 5 groups for me is a struggle, so I would advise those of you starting off to maybe pick one group initially and see how you get on. The key thing is to just get started and join in the conversation

I will be writing more about Linkedin in future posts, but I hope you will find these 5 tips useful to get you becoming more linked in on Linkedin.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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