Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why Your Business Needs A Website

Believe it, or believe it not, even though websites have been around for over 20 years and are expected to exceed 1 billion by 2016 a large number of businesses, especially SME’s, still have no website and that’s just crazy.

But Phillip, I hear you say, “Why do I need a website” The answer is the same one I give all the time I am asked this question.

Why You Need A Website

Having a website allows your customers and potential customers to find your business and your products when they do a search online to solve a problem or answer a question.

Let’s consider my own wife’s purchasing habits. She had in the past gone into city centre after work or on weekends and browse and try on shoes and clothing. However, once we had our two kids those browsing days became a distant memory.

However she is very determined to spend money so she now goes online and recently bought new shoes that cost the price of two of my suits, and my suits were expensive, but hey they do go lovely with that beautiful dress she bought only last week also online.

I am crying on the inside. But do you know what, she bought both the dress and the shoes from the same web store and both were delivered to our front door with full online track and trace and a brilliant returns policy.

Let’s face it most people expect a company, whether you sell high fashion or air conditioning units to have a website. Why? Because by having one it provides your business with credibility, that you are a company who takes its business and its customers seriously and that you have a professional reputation and service.

But before you charge in and start getting a website created consider the following tips to help you avoid failure from a design point of view.

Don’t Design Your Site Like An Online Brochure

If your website is not designed with the end customer in mind and focused on the overall customer experience your website will not perform to its potential. All the pretty pictures and time spent on SEO and analytics will be wasted if you are not seen as an authority in the eyes of your target market and or ranked by search engines such as Google.

You must provide active, regular and relevant content in the form of a blog, product updates, ebook downloads and how to videos all woven together by clear calls to action. This updating of your site not only is positive for customers and prospects who find your business from a search, but Google wants and expects this from all sites and is ranking you based on the quality of your web content. Simply put the higher the ranking the better the chance that a customer will find your website.

And when they do and then click, hopefully, if your site is crafted for them they should be attracted, engaged and interested in what you have to say or sell and they should want to take some sort of positive action with your business.

Be Dynamic

You have to personalise the experience for the customer when they are on your site and then personalise and make it more relevant when they return. Get to know them and get them to know, you know, what they want. Be their resource of choice online.

Build Your Website For The Customer

When you begin to design your site do not be surprised as to how many people within your business suddenly begin to give you their opinions as to what they like and what they don’t.

Remember, you are designing the site for your customer, not for you, the board, or the staff, and customers are searching online for solutions to their problems, not to know how good you are.


Businessman Looking Through a Telescope

Do your research and find out the problems your target audience experiences and then provide the answers. Soon enough you will be the go-to site for providing solutions and advice in your target market.

If you only take one thing from this post this is it.

Put the customer at the heart of your web design strategy, and by constantly aiming to provide engaging and relevant content you will begin to experience an increase in visitors, leads and eventually increase customer loyalty and generate advocacy. Take a look at this case study by Edward McCready of CoolMoss design who designed the very successful Black Pepper website

However, if you still don’t believe me about the value of a website just ask my wife.

She is now very loyal to that online store where she got those shoes, so now I am in the process of doing a web search to find her a new shoe wardrobe !!!!!

If you are looking to understand how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy you can get my free ebook by clicking the download button below without having to give any personal details.  I want to give you the best information possible and if you like the content all I ask is that you please share with your community and tell people about the website.

Thanks for reading and please do share with your community.

Phillip (The Curly Marketer)

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