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I am a social media consultant that works with small to medium companies by managing their social media to grow their business.

Social Media Consultant

Hi, my name is Phillip Twyford and as someone who has worked in marketing for over 25 years, I fell in love with social media especially as a medium for communicating with businesses of all sizes.

However, there is still a lot of confusion and a lack of understanding especially among small businesses and entrepreneurs as to how to get started with social media, how to grow an engaged following and ultimately use it to drive revenue.

Another problem is that Small Businesses are also under enormous pressure when it comes to time as they look to service customers, win new business, manage employees and ultimately try to make money.

This is why I set up The Curly Marketer because I am just like you. I am a Social Media Consultant who on my own has to manage clients, promote myself and my services, keep track of time and expenses, constantly read and research all the new changes that are happening each day on Social Media and of course send out invoices to pay the bills.

Social Media Management

Duration varies : Quote provided following client briefing session.

My services range from the following and can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Digital Strategy Creation Linkedin
  • Twitter & Facebook management
  • PDF Ebook Creation
  • Creation of GIFS
  • Creating simple video

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