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Top 10 Linkedin Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Top 10 Linkedin Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

One of the leading Linkedin experts is Melonie Dodaro founder and CEO of Top Dog Social Media.

Recently I came across an excellent article that Melonie had written in which she listed 19 mistakes made on LinkedIn, that we need to make sure we all avoid.  

I wanted to share what I think are the top 10 LinkedIn mistakes that you need to avoid from this list because I am still surprised at some of the profiles I see and how some people go about sending me a connection request.  

In a great post  by Mike Stenger he illustrated an excellent infographic that shows how 80% of new business leads now come from LinkedIn and based on recent researchLinkedIn now boasts 433 million users and growing.

Tweet: LinkedIn now boasts 433 million users and growing

With figures such as this, ignoring LinkedIn in your sales and marketing mix is crazy, because if utilised correctly it can allow you create new relationships, and become more relevant to your target audience.  Therefore, ensuring you are not committing these cardinal errors will allow you begin to reap the rewards from Linkedin.


Top 10 LinkedIn Mistake That You Need To Avoid


1 Not Completing Your Profile

This one I can never understand.  Why set up a LinkedIn account if you are not going to complete your profile?  LinkedIn has 1 in 4 of the leading executives as members, so remember your credibility, and take the time to make sure you present a polished first impression.


2 Don’t Be Vague When Completing Your Profile

Be specific and detailed about what you do.  Saying that you do a bit of this, and a bit of that, and some of the other won’t cut it.


3 Optimise Your Profile For Search

Just as you would use keywords when creating your website, it is important to choose a couple of keywords that describe what you do.  This will help you to increase the chances of your profile been found by a potential prospect when they do a search on LinkedIn. Check out these 21 steps to creating the perfect profile by Melonie.

4 Don’t Send A Connection Request Without A Personal Message

I am very happy to connect with anyone, but it would be nice to know why this person would like to connect and engage with me, as opposed to becoming just another connection statistic.  Also, be warned.  It only takes a couple of people to say they don’t know you, and LinkedIn will penalise your ability to connect with people unless you have an email address.

My advice, make a point of reaching out with a personalised message and reason you want to connect with them and 90% of the time people will accept.

5 Unprofessional or No Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a place where professionals come to engage and discuss business, it is not Facebook. Yet I have seen profile pictures used from nights out, the person is not even looking at the camera, they are unrecognisable due to wearing a hat and sunglasses and worse of all they leave the generic blank outline frame and have no picture.  Maybe I am just getting old, but for potential prospects and your customers to take you seriously you have to look professional and be credible.


6 Key Word Stuffing Your Profile

The LinkedIn search algorithm works like search engines of old, so if you stuff a keyword such as Marketing Manager all over your profile, the chances are your profile will perform very well when a search is done on these keywords. However,  when the potential person comes across your profile, stuffed with Marketing Manager everywhere, it will read terribly and they will leave with a poor perception of you.

Build your credibility and impress rather than deceive.


7 Asking A Stranger For A Recommendation

You may be amazed, but yes this does go on.  Only ask people you really know well that can legitimately critique and give you a recommendation for your work.  Any other method will tarnish your reputation.


8 Selling Before Saying Hello

Don’t confuse the term “Social Selling” to mean just sending off sales promos via social media. On Linkedin, it is about creating relationships built on communication, partnership, genuine engagement and relevance. The more you engage and provide valuable solutions to your connections, the sales will come as trust and credibility are earned.


9 Not Posting Status Updates Daily

Just like Twitter or having a BLOG, there is no point setting up a LinkedIn account if you are not going to post and share information you feel would be of interest to your target audience.  By being active, it keeps you relevant and top of mind.


10 Saying “I see You Viewed My Profile” when sending a connection request

Thankfully this has never happened to me, but personally, this would instantly make me not want to connect. Don’t creep out the people you want to connect with.  Just act like a professional, reach out with a genuine personal message, and you will do just fine.

For more LinkedIn tips check out this other post I wrote for LinkedIn success.

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