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How To Make Your Customers Love Your Business?

How To Make Your Customers Love Your Business?

You must make yourself invaluable.

Your customers and followers must see you as the go-to resource for the answers to their problems. And this applies to both company brands as well as you as an individual.

By solving problems you will build a relationship and create a real trusted partnership and when your customer trusts you they will become an advocate for you and your business.

Jenn Herman, author, of the excellent blog Jenns Trends, gives the following excellent advice.



Find Out Your Customers Pain Points

What challenges and problems are your customers currently facing?  To answer this you have to know and understand your target audience and the market they operate in.

By doing this you can begin to identify where they may need solutions that you can offer so you should communicate using different channels to find out potential issues that could be worrying them.

This proactive approach will do wonders in building the foundation for a long-term relationship.


Customer Pain Points


It’s Not About You It’s About Your Customer

A lot of companies just post material that just promotes how wonderful they are.  But, apart from the company management no one, especially your customers will care.

Any content you share should be with your customers and target audience in mind.  Remember point one.

The content you are providing must have a real benefit to the customer.

By doing this their perception and trust of you and your brand will grow.




Become Their Resource Of Choice

Provide tips and solutions.

Consider creating a blog, ebook help guides, and video tutorials to help solve a problem.

Share other people’s work and use content curation tools such as Feedly, to ensure you can give  your customer the very latest information that they will deem invaluable.



Be Responsive

If a customer contacts you make sure you respond on time.

By doing this your understanding of that customer will grow and allow you to personalise your communication to them.



Be More Than A Business

People want to do business with people and so the language must be natural.

Automated responses just say “we don’t care” and will undo any relationship building.

Talk to people and use genuine emotion where appropriate and go the extra mile.

Present personalised solutions addressing your customer problem and they will think that you and your company did everything possible.



This will leave that positive association forever in their memory.

Most customer relationships began because they needed a problem solved. But being a customer does not mean they have stopped needing solutions from you.

By making yourself their partner in the business, you will always be invaluable.

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