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Have you ever had the situation where you have designed an excellent ebook lead magnet but have no resource to make a 3D ebook cover?

I have and as a small business, I want to ensure that where I can I use free tools so that my budget stays low. 

There are some great paid resources for 3D ebook cover creation such as Placeit but I wanted to see could I find something for free that was fit for purpose.

After some searching and testing, I managed to find a great site called diybookcovers which has some great options and the best part it is free 😊😉

In this video below I show you how to create a 3D ebook cover using this site and by the end of it, you will be ready to create your own cover straight away.

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Phillip, The Curly Marketer

How to create a 3D ebook cover for free today
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