We all know that video as a content medium is extremely impactful but having captions on video has become a critical component for a successful video.


Why captions in video are important

Well, the fact is simply that the majority of people, myself included now watch a video with the sound off. This is further supported by this 2019 report done in America where it was found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile.

Another key reason is the fact that approximately 466 Million people have disabling hearing loss so by adding captions to your videos you are enabling your video content to be consumed by these people.

Captions also have a positive effect on your SEO because captioned videos tend to elicit longer watch time, social sharing and engagement. This infographic from Unscreen on 7 reasons your videos need subtitles is very good at illustrating these key benefits of captions.

Now within YouTube you can edit the automatic captions it places on a video but you want to be able to have captions baked into your video so that no matter where you share it the captions are there.

Caption services

REVs has been a firm favourite for people to get their captions transcribed so that you get a an SRT file to upload to Youtube or into your video editor but if like me you want to be 100% self-reliant and get it for free then check out the solution by Kapwing

The free plan will be perfect for most people and at $20 dollars per month the pro plan is very affordable if you need more options. The best way to explain how Kapwing works is to show you so here is my full tutorial below.



I hope you find this post useful and these are the mobile apps that I am using to help me on YouTube that I refer to in this video.