Are you looking for a tool to help you craft great headlines?

Are you looking for a tool to help you craft great headlines?

The headline is a critical element when you are writing your blog posts, emails etc.  The reason for this is that depending on the effectiveness of your headline it will determine whether your audience will read your content or not.

Just think of all the social media posts you flick through, the emails you scan and even the magazine or newspapers articles you review.  You don’t read them all but the ones that make you stop to take a closer look are the ones where the headline caught your eye and created intrigue.

Unless you are a gifted copywriter you need to ensure you use the best guides and tools available to help you.  An excellent article to check out for copywriting is this one from Neil Patel and my video below, I tell you about the excellent headline analyser tool from Co-Schedule which I highly recommend you check out.

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