When you create a new post it is important that you don’t forget the importance of blog SEO. There is no point in continuing to write content if your posts will never be found online.

Promoting your blog once you have published it is very important but you also need to give your post the ability to be found and this is where SEO comes in.

Using keywords based on what your audience will actually be searching for is a critical starting point. You may have written a tremendous post but if no ones is searching for this content it will not get the visitors you had hoped.

The opposite of this is also true. If you have a written a brilliant post but have not optimised it to be found all those potential readers will miss your content. When conducting keyword research check out these two excellent tools.

Keywords everywhere is a brilliant chrome extension you can use to help you with key word research as well as find other new key words that you could use within you content. It also allows you see the competition you may face so that you can choose a keyword that may be easier to rank for.

Answer the public is another excellent tool that you can use to find real time questions that people have put in base on a specific topic.

For more tips I discuss all about this topic and why is something you should not overlook in this video below.



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