Why blog SEO is important

When you create a new post it is important that you don’t forget the importance of blog SEO.  There is no point in continuing to write content if your posts will never be found online.

Promoting your blog once you have published it is very important but you also need to give your post the ability to be found and this is where blog SEO comes in.



One of the greatest bloggers around is Darren Rowse who founded ProBlogger.com which has become one of the leading resources for bloggers looking for tips and guidance.

I really like how Darren describes SEO as it relates to your blog.  He says ” SEO is the process used to write and structure your blog in such a way as to raise your search engine rankings.  Done right it will increase the chance of more people finding  your blog”

When it comes to your blog never forget that your readers, just as you would do, use a search engine to find content such as blog posts on a certain topic.

Google will use its Googlebot to crawl websites like yours and catalogue each page based on the content and information it finds.  The closer your posts are to what people are searching for, the higher up the ranking your blog posts could go.

This is what blog SEO is all about.  You are optimising your post to get the highest ranking possible based on web searches from people.

In my post How to create a winning blog strategyI mentioned how I use the Yoast SEO plugin to help me get my posts SEO ready.

This is an excellent plugin and very easy to use.  Once you install it the Yoast setup wizard will walk you through the set-up process so that you are ready to start using it on your blog posts quickly.

In the video below I show you how Yoast SEO helps you with your blog SEO.

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Why your blog needs SEO!
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