Do you know what a branded hashtag is?

So what is a branded hashtag?. Well very simply it can be a word/phrase where you place the # in front of it.

For example, my branded hashtag is #curlymarketertip.

So, on all the social channels when I post my content I will incorporate my # to allow for both my brand and my content to be found.

branded hashtag. The benefits

Benefit of the branded hashtag

As you will see from the video below when you create a branded hashtag and add it to your Twitter bio and your Instagram bio the hashtag becomes a clickable link.

What is a great about this is the fact that a visitor to my Twitter or Instagram profile can get a full overview as to all the content I have posted.

They can then choose to decide if they are interested in what I post and become a follower and maybe reach out to me to work on a project.

branded hashtag. Top of mind.

It keeps your brand top of mind

Having your own branded hashtag I believe keeps your brand top of mind.

As you post content you also include your hashtag so that it becomes part of the verbal and visual cue for your audience to identify your posts etc.

In the video below I go through this in more detail as well as share one other branding tip around he naming of your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

To see how the power of a branded hashtag works for a campaign check out this great article on the Buffer blog on how Tommy’s superfoods reached over 1 Million people.

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Best Wishes

Phillip, The Curly Marketer

Do you know what a branded hashtag is?
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