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Why you need to use Twitter lists

If you are on Twitter, using Twitter lists becomes essential because you will very quickly realise that it becomes virtually impossible to keep up with all of the tweets that are shared each and every day.

Therefore, to be able to ensure you don’t miss out on reading tweets from your clients, prospects and other key people you may follow you should set up a Twitter list for each group of people so that you can easily keep track of the content they are sharing.

Twitter lists are easy and quick to create but by doing so it allows you to become very focused on Twitter.  I always recommend that in the main keep your lists private so that only you can see them.  Another excellent benefit of lists is that especially where you have a competitor list you don’t have to follow a competitor in order to add them to a list.

Check out my video below where I explain in more detail about this necessary element to have in your Twitter strategy and here is a link to an article a published previously on this topic.


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