Do you want to know how to do Facebook live in landscape on your iPhone?

Many people make the mistake of starting a live video on Facebook in portrait thinking that they simply turn the phone landscape and the video will go to this orientation.

However, this is not the case. Once you start a Facebook live in portrait it will stay in portrait. Therefore, the rule before you go live have the phone in portrait or landscape and then go live.

Many people do struggle with going live in a landscape mode so in this video, I show some simple steps that you should take that worked for me on my iPhone 6s plus to go live in a landscape format.

Once again, the critical thing to remember is when you want to go Facebook live in landscape you have to ensure that you start the Facebook live holding the phone in the orientation you want to shoot in.

However, in this time of Covid-19, I do believe that going Facebook live could be an excellent way to stay in touch with your Facebook community, answer questions, give advice or just there from a communication point.

Going live on Facebook in landscape could bring real benefits to your business if you want to do some training where you can show a whiteboard or flip chart and in landscape you can get this into the shot.

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