Would you like to know how you can grow your Instagram followers? We all do even if we won’t admit it. Like any social media channel there is no easy fix or quick solution when you want to grow your Instagram Followers.

It will take time, a consistent strategy, you must know your target audience and you have to become very engaged with your community. You also need to spend the time to try to find those people who you think will be interested in your content.

So, in this video, I give you a follower targeting technique that has started to work very well for me and which you can try. But in essence what you want to start doing is reviewing accounts of potential competitors and other people in your chosen niche.

Look at their best performing posts and then look at the people who engaged with those top posts. These people who are engaging with this content are more than likely going to be interested in your content.

Review these peoples profiles and the consider following them. As they start to follow you send them a personalised to say thank you and then now starts the process of engaging with them on their content and engaging back with them when they interact with yours.

Now it does require time and patience so it is not a quick win but I do think it will ensure the quality of the followers you gain is very high.



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