Grow your Instagram followers

Do you want to grow your Instagram followers?

Of course, you do. We all want to increase our community not just on Instagram but on all social media channels

The following tactic I share in this post is one I have started to employ myself which I think you will get a great benefit from.

Let me explain this in more detail.

Use a targeted approach to grow your Instagram followers.

Use a targeted approach to grow Instagram followers

My niche is Social Media and Digital Marketing. So I am interested in following both influential experts as well as potential new audience members and customers.

If I want to find the influencers and my competitors I will conduct a search on Instagram using #socialmedia and I will also get specific such as #socialmediaireland #socialmedialeinster etc

Now, what this does is brings up a wide range of results but it is the next piece which is key.

If I look at big social media competitor of mine what I will be doing is looking at their top performing posts and seeing what people interacted, engaged and commented on those posts.

The reason for doing that is these are people who potentially are interested in social media content and if they like my competitors content in this niche there is a good chance they may like my content.

So, what I will do is review the bio’s of these people who have engaged with my competitors post and if I feel they are right for me I will follow them in the hope that they will be intrigued by my content and follow me back.

I do take a note in a google sheet as to who and when I followed someone so that if after a week they have not followed me I can unfollow them to make room for someone who may be interested to engage.

It’s not revolutionary I know but these are targeted people you are following and while it is a long process I do believe the fruits will be worth it.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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Best Wishes

Phillip, The Curly Marketer

Grow your Instagram followers.
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