Stories such as we have seen on Instagram have been embraced by many businesses to bring a layer of reality and human personality to their brands.  Other channels have followed suit with Facebook having their own version of stories, Twitter has its Fleets option and now you have the ability to create a Linkedin story.

So why should a business consider creating a story on Linkedin?

Today’s customer whether business to business or business to consumer values authenticity.  They want to know who the people are behind the brands they deal with or are considering dealing with so creating a Linkedin story will allow you to do this.

People are interested to see the personality and ethos behind the logo.  When you showcase and show off your personality it goes along way to building trust and rapport with prospects.

Showing sneak previews of new products can whet the appetite and build excitement with potential customers where showcasing the day in the life of a staff member can bring real personality and connection for your audience.

If you want to start testing this watch my video below where I show you exactly how to create a Linkedin story.

I hope you found this post useful and do test it out to see if using a Linkedin story bring benefits to your content strategy.  If you like this post and want cool tip to make an incredible impression when thanking new connections on Linkedin then check out my post titled ‘How to send Linkedin audio messages’.

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