With the popularity of YouTube many businesses create videos in landscape.  But with channels like Instagram proving to be excellent places to engage audiences how can you post landscape videos on Instagram that are up to one minute in length?

Repurposing your content like this has many benefits especially as it allows you to take the content you have already created and share it with a new audience.

On Instagram, you can post landscape videos that are up to 10 minutes long on IGTV but if you if have video content that is no more than a minute long wouldn’t it be great to be able to post them as Instagram video posts?

The good news is that in the video below I show you the perfect solution that you can apply quickly and easily using the excellent free design tool Canva.

Canva not only allows you to upload images but you can upload videos also.  By creating a new Instagram post and then dragging your video into your design you now have a simple way to share these videos.

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