Many people just write a blog post, publish and then forget about it. However, you have to promote your blog to get if found.

Once you have posted your blog that is when the real work starts. I would suggest you do the following when your blog becomes live. First, email your customers to tell them if you have permission to email them this type of content.

Second, do you have an email subscriber list? email them that you have a new post published and invite them to read it.

Third, share it on all your social media channels. Tweet it on Twitter, post it on Facebook, create a post on Linkedin, share an Instagram story and post.

As you can see from this above action plan there are multiple sources where you can promote your blog and for many of your posts, these can become what are know as evergreen content.

These are posts that are always going to provide value.

With Smarterqueue you can upload evergreen content & share regularly to keep them in front of your audience.

You have to promote your blog to in many different ways and I talk about in this video below.



Another important factor to consider when you are looking for blog success is your Blog SEO. Check out this post where I discuss this in detail.