If you use Twitter for your business there will be times more often than not when you want to be able to schedule tweets ahead of time, especially if you have a promotion coming up.  In this post, I will show you how to schedule tweets on Twitter directly from your desktop.

Traditionally if you wanted to schedule tweets you would have had to use a third-party tool.  While tools like Buffer have a free option for some businesses they prefer to have everything within the platform.  The good news so with Twitter is that on the desktop you now have the ability to schedule tweets at later date.

In the video below I walk you through it step by step but there are just a couple of key things you need to know when you want to schedule tweets on Twitter.

Firstly, you can only schedule via Twitter on your desktop.  Unfortunately, this functionality is not available on the mobile app but hopefully, it may happen in the near future.  If you need to schedule from your mobile then apply for a free plan with Buffer or Hootsuite.

Secondly,  if you want to tag people on an image you have on a tweet you won’t be able to schedule.  The only way you can tag and schedule is if you tag the account in the Twitter caption-text


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