If you are a B2B company than Linked as a channel is one place you need to be active on. Decision-makers, customers and your prospects are all on this platform.  Making a first good impression is key with a new connection and there is no better way than sending a video message on LinkedIn.

This is something that is rarely done and because of this if you start to include this into your Linkedin strategy you will instantly make yourself and your business memorable.

In this video, I show you how you can send a video message on Linkedin.

You will also learn in this solution how you can send a document as an attachment, send a gif or a photo. Building connections and relationships on Linkedin has become even more important in the current business climate and what a brilliant way to create a lasting impression than by sending a Linkedin Video message to a new connection or as a way to re-connect with an old connection.

If you don’t feel ready to send a video message than why not send an audio message where I show you how to do in my article How to send a Linkedin audio message.

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