We have all heard the saying to measure is to know and when it comes to your social media activity this measure to know is key.  The Google URL builder is a tool that not many companies have heard of but it is something you should be using to create your content links.

When we write a blog, create a post on Twitter, Facebook etc chances are you will want to drive people to your website.  This is a good idea.  You don’t want to just build your audience on a social channel.  You want them on your property and ultimately get their email.

As a business, you should have Google Analytics installed on your website.  If not make this a priority because it will allow you to start to understand those audiences coming to your website.

Google URL Builder

So where does the Google URL Builder fit in?

Let’s say for example you write a new blog showcasing a new product.  You promote this blog by posting on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.  Over the course of the month, you send a couple of email newsletter, maybe you create some videos promoting the product and linking back to the blog post. 

Would you like to know what channels from this above example are driving people back to the landing page and what exact post and campaign it was?  Of course, you would and using the Google URL Builder allows you to do this.

How? using the Google URL builder you can create a unique tracking link based on the content, webpage, social media channel and campaign name so that when you visit your Google Analytics report you will see exactly where your traffic is coming from and make the necessary strategic adjustments.


I hope you found this Curly Marketer tip useful and do check out my other Social Media tips that you can use to enhance your social media today.