Would you like to be able to create an audiogram that allows you share a snippet of your podcast to promote a new episode? The Headliner App is the perfect solution.

An audiogram is essentially a video but for audio rather than video and can be recognised by the animated waveform that is displayed on the image that moves in time to the audio when played.

These are a brilliant way to promote a podcast episode because it allows you to share an important piece of your episode to pique the listeners interest to want to listen to the full episode.

You could also test creating a small audio recording of a section of your blog and turn that into an audiogram to promote your blog.

The perfect solution to create an audiogram is the Headliner app.

What is excellent about this service is you get 10 free audiograms a month and it also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android so that you can you could create an audiogram right from your mobile.

To see how this super tool works watch my full instructional video below.



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