Instagram countdown sticker

If you are running an event, launching a new course or maybe you have a limited time special offer, definitely consider using the Instagram countdown sticker.

I love this creation from Instagram because it really gives you an ability to create urgency, immediate engagement and generate excitement.

Instagram countdown sticker

The countdown sticker by its name is just that. It allows you to create an automatic countdown to an event or something you are doing that you are promoting via your story.

Instagram countdown sticker, going live

For example. Let’s say your are hosting your next Facebook or Instagram live.

To really get your community engaged and pumped to not miss your live feed add the Instagram countdown sticker to your story.

Then in your story direct your community to click on the sticker so they get a reminder of when the live show is going to happen as well as share it with their community to widen your potential audience.

Instgram countdown sticker, highlight

Use highlights to save longer countdowns

Another cool thing is that if you event is going to be longer than the normal lifespan of an Instagram story, 24 hours, you can save your story with the countdown sticker as an Instagram Highlight.

Label your Highlight as per what the event your counting down too is and even after your story ha vanished it will live on in the Highlight.

Also, you can create a countdown sticker for events up to 1 year so having an event teaser strategy where you create various countdown stories leading up to the event could be very well received.

To get some more thoughts and to see how to set this cool Instagram countdown sticker up check the video below.

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How to use the Instagram countdown sticker.

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