Instagram, Facebook and even Linkedin all have stories.  This bite-sized pieces of content that can allow business showcase a quick update, a behind the scenes or even test out special offers for a 24 hr period before they are gone.  Twitter now has it’s stories version called Twitter Fleets.

Just like an Instagram story, a fleet can be an image, GIF or video.  Normally Fleets are around 6 seconds in length but you can upload a video that is up to 30 seconds long.

So how can a business use Twitter Fleets as part of its Twitter strategy?

Firstly, you can use a Fleet to ask your community a question because within the creation of your Fleet you can turn DM capabilities to allow your followers to respond to you.

Secondly, maybe you have a last-minute offer, sale or last places for a webinar you are running.  You could create a Fleet that directs people to click the link in your bio to bring them to a special landing page.

Thirdly, just like businesses do on Instagram stories you could use Twitter Fleets to show behind the scenes or showcase your staff and team.

So how can you start creating a Twitter Fleet?  Check out the video below.

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