Do you use Twitter Lists in your Twitter strategy?  Do you even know what they are?  If you don’t, don’t worry a lot of businesses forget to create these or don’t know-how.

What are Twitter Lists?

If you go onto your home feed on Twitter the first thing that you will notice is just how busy it is.  Thousands of tweets are happening every second so if you tweet something out its shelf life is very small.

This is where Twitter Lists come to the fore.  By creating specific lists of twitter users that you are interested in what they tweet about you remove having to check your home feed and instead go straight to your list where you can see what you need to review instantly.


Twitter List examples

Two very popular and brilliant list types are customers and competitors.  In both cases, you should make these lists private so that no one but you can access them and also so that no account is notified that they have been added to a list.

The beauty though of these two list types is that you can go in each morning and see quickly what are your customers and competitors tweeting about and are there things coming up that you need to take action on or be mindful of.

To help give you a full walkthrough on setting up a Twitter List check out my instruction video below.

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