A blog is an excellent content tactic to show thought leadership and bring people back to your website. But one element that can really increase improve your blog is to embed a video that talks about the content you have written about in your blog.

If you want to improve your blog and its readability then embedding a video in your post is a must-have content tactic these days. People have become such visual consumers that creating a video based on the content of your blog has become almost a necessity. Also, it is important to realise that members of your audience will both prefer to consume text content or look at a video.

Therefore, providing both options gives you the best chance of appealing to all your potential readers. If you want to get started with video right from your phone then I would suggest using an app called Inshot. I use this app myself when I want to get a quick edit done on my mobile, add some text, animations and resize for various social media channels.

In this video below I talk about 3 types of video to consider embedding in your blog.



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