Do you want to improve your YouTube videos by getting more views, engagement and eventually subscribers? I am in educating myself on all things YouTube to understand how to get more views on my videos.

I am using 4 mobile apps that I recommend that are certainly helping me to improve my YouTube videos that I wanted to share with you.



App one is TubeBuddy

There is the main desktop site but the app is brilliant. It allows you to tweak and better tag your videos while on the go. The real beauty about TubeBuddy is the information analysis you get on your channel, videos, keywords used etc.

It has tools to help you find proper words and titles for your videos to increase the chances that your video would get views.

App two is Thumbnail This easy to use app helps you create a Thumbnail for your video right from your mobile with the easy templates they have. A Thumbnail is critical because people scroll through videos so you want a Thumbnail that will catch the viewers attention.

App three is YT Creator Studio from YouTube which puts your YouTube channel in the palm of your hand. If you need to update a video, change a description or a change a thumbnail you can do it all from your mobile via this app.

The final app is Canva. We all know the desktop version but the app gives you the same design funtionality to design imagery for your channel which you can then place into your Thumbnail app you can create a new thumbnail on the go.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do check out these other social media tips.