Recently I tested going more in-depth on my Instagram posts.

This meant turning them into more mini-blogs in order to focus on Instagram growth.

It was a different approach and almost turning the Instagram posts into a repurposing of a blog. Certainly from what I have seen my audience did like this approach.

Combining the post with an engaging image and up to 20 relevant hashtags I have seen very positive growth and engagement.

If you are looking for hashtags to use in your Instagram growth strategy is Hastagify

Another key thing that you have to employ is to ensure your Instagram account is a business account.

The reason for this is that you get access to the analytics for your account and in particular you can see what times your Instagram fans are online.

Now you can create excellent content & post it when people may potentially see and engage with it.

In this video, I go through exactly what I have been doing along with some other little tips.



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