So, what is a lead magnet? Very simply it is an incentive or bonus you offer to someone who visits your website in exchange for their email address. Check out the example of this from Social Media Examiner where they offer their industry report.

Building your audience solely on social media as you are on borrowed land so to speak.

Building an email list of fans and subscribers who you can speak with directly is still important.

However, getting somebodies email is not as easy as it once was. People are more sceptical and untrusting as to how their email will be used and this is where using a strategically created lead magnet can help you increase your chances of someone giving you their email address.

Check out my tips on this topic in the video below. I also mention in this a video another video I did on should your business still be using email marketing. I have updated my site but have placed this video underneath the first one.




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