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So, what is a lead magnet?  Very simply it is an incentive or bonus you offer to someone who visits your website in exchange for their email address.

As I mentioned in this post where I asked do you still need to do email marketing for your business, growing your audience exclusively on social channels I feel is a mistake.

You are on borrowed land so to speak, therefore building an email list of fans and subscribers who you can speak with directly is still important.



However, getting somebodies email is not as easy as it once was.  People are more sceptical and untrusting as to how their email will be used and this is where using a strategically created lead magnet can help you increase your chances of someone giving you their email address.


lead magnet should be GDPR compliant

Be transparent, trustworthy and GDPR compliant

I mention at the start that people are less trusting and willing to give out their email address.

Therefore, it is very important that when requesting an email address via your lead magnet that you are very transparent and follow full GDPR compliance so that the visitors know exactly how you will use your email and what they are giving you permission to do.


lead magnet ideas

Lead magnet ideas


1 The ebook

I know what you are thinking. Nah, ebooks don’t work anymore, been there done that.  Just hear me out.  Yes, I agree, everyone offers ebooks, and you have probably downloaded plenty of ebooks that you never read.

But when it comes to ebooks I think creators, myself included, became lazy.  ebooks became blog posts just turned into a book format rather than offering something new and not on the website.

I do think that an ebook still can be effective if it is genuinely offering something very valuable for the target audience that they can act on immediately.

Here is one below I created on blogging strategy that you might like to check out by clicking on the image 😉

ebook lead magnet


2 The content upgrade

The bonus guide is a cousin so to speak of the ebook.  Say for example you have written a blog post on how to become a better presenter.  Your bonus guide could be 5 free presentation templates that won’t bore your audience.

The bonus guide offer resources, tips etc that are related to content you are speaking about but not found elsewhere on your site.


3 The resources guide

Depending on your audience and industry this could take many forms but let’s just say for example you are a golf shop.  Your resources guide could consist of how-to guides on the proper golf grip, an overview of the rules, golf terminology, how to fix a slice or hook, proper stance etc

Checklist lead magnet

4 Checklist

People love checklists especially when they provide a simple and clear guide to answer a problem or get something done.

Giving people a step by step solution that if they follow they can achieve an objective quickly can prove to be an excellent piece that people resonate with


5 Reports

These are excellent lead magnets but they do require you to put in a lot of effort and work in order to create something that is standout.  But if you a willing to embrace this lead magnet type you will reap the rewards I do believe.

Someone who does this brilliantly is Social Media Examiner in their Social Media Marketing industry report

Reports lead magnet

6 Video Course

As the name suggests this lead magnet offers a visitor the ability to learn something or achieve a goal through receiving video instruction.

This type of lead magnet is especially successful for people who are involved in sports as trainers etc where you can offer some basic training to start to build a trust and rapport with your audience as to your teaching style and your training methods.


7 Free Trial

This is another fantastic lead magnet that I believe can actually help quicken the sales cycle.  The beauty about it is that you not only get an email address but your prospective customer gets to try out your product.

Invariably if the product is good enough more than likely when the free trial period hends it will have become essential in that users service needs so they won’t want to give it up and the chances that this person will invest in the product after the trial will be much higher.

Here below is an example from Moz.

free trial lead magnet

8 Swipe File

This lead magnet type is also very popular because of nature what the visitor is being offered.

Essentially you are offering templates, tools, tip documents etc which can be accessed for download upon entering your email.  What is very advantageous about this lead magnet is that you can add to the file so that people who have given you an email can avail of new updates and ongoing improvements.


How to make your lead magnet effective?

When you are creating your lead magnet it is important to remember that just because you have it on your site that people will automatically gravitate to it and start giving you their email address.

Here are 4 things to always ensure you have when creating a lead magnet.

1 It must be easy for your audience and website visitor to access

2 It has to be useful and provide an instant benefit to the user

3 Make it free to start with

4 Consider your audience and tailor it for their needs

It is critical that you design your lead magnet with your audience and target market in mind. It has to be seen as useful and relevant in order for it to be considered.

Consider looking at the challenges your customers face in their industries and provide a lead magnet that offers some actionable solutions.

Do AB test different lead magnets. An ebook vs a checklist, a video tutorial course vs a free trial.  Through testing, you may find that one or two particular lead magnet types resonate better with your audience.

Just as I advise when you blog, you should promote your lead magnet both organically and using some paid social methods so that your audience knows that you have this available, ready to solve their problems.

Finally, as you would do with your blog posts you should keep your lead magnets up-to-date.  Keep improving this and especially with swipe files or a resources area, keep adding new updates, improve existing material and email your subscribers you have done this.

Telling people they can now access a new and improved lead magnet further builds the trust and relationship you have with them already.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

If you are looking to understand how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy why not download my hand guide below that will give you a step by step plan to get started today.

Best Wishes

Phillip, The Curly Marketer


How to use a lead magnet for your email success
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