Perfect Instagram post

Could what I tell you today be the perfect Instagram post? Well for me at the moment it sure is looking that way.

On Instagram like all the social media channels we all want more engagement on our posts, we want shares, likes comments and new followers.

However, it is never as easy as some people make it sound. For the last while I have been trying out a new posting strategy on Instagram that has so far given me a very positive reaction so I wanted to go through it with you in this post.

Crafting the perfect Instagram post

What I have learned with Instagram just like on the other social media channels is that my audience want to learn.

They want to be educated on how to use certain channels, tools and get tips to help them skill up.

When I had started with Instagram I had become focussed on just uploading the best image with a small amount of text and 5 to 10 hashtags.

My channel grew slowly but I was frustrated as to why my posts we not resonating as I thought they would.

What did I do differently?

When I did my post on should a business blog I gave numerous benefits around why creating a blog can help a business.

From SEO, to presenting themselves as a thought leader in their industry Blogging is good.

perfect Instagram post, repurpose a blog

I decided therefore to re-purpose my blog content into a mini blog on Instagram.

This now meant that I was writing an Instagram post of about 1300+ characters, combined with a very relevant image and between 15 to 20 targeted hashtags.

Don’t forget analytics!

I also in tandem with this posting layout I ensured my Instagram account was a business account.

No only does this allow you advertise but it gave me critical insights as to my audience, in particular when they were actually in Instagram.

This meant that when I posted my new Instagram format I was posting at the best time for my audience to see my post.

So far this is working. As I mention in the video above. When I started I had about 600 followers.

With this new strategy and since I did the video above my followers have increased to 779 in a week and a half so not too shabby.

Let me know in the comments below if you try this and if it works as well as any other tips you for growing your Instagram channel.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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Best Wishes

Phillip, The Curly Marketer

Is this the perfect Instagram post?
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