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So you have created an in-depth blog post.  Your headline is on point, the layout is perfect, you have checked the SEO using a plugin like Yoast that I talk about in this article and you have just hit publish.  What’s next?  You must promote your blog for success.

In this video below I go through some key points and do read the full post for more detailed tips.





why you have to promote your blog

Why promote your blog?

In this article where I asked should a business blog, I mentioned that each day upwards of 2 million blog posts are published and that does not include all the other content we are exposed to on social media, TV, press, radio, email etc.

Therefore, you cannot just publish your blog post and hope that someone will see it.

You have to tactical and promote your blog as if it were a mini advertising campaign to increase the chances of exposure.


How to promote your blog for success

How to promote your blog for success

The way I look at a blog post is that it is more than just one article.  A blog gives you the ability to repurpose that piece of content into different mediums to allow you to communicate with your audience in many different forms.

The following list gives you some ideas as to how you can promote your blog and also integrate the benefits of content repurposing on some of the main social channels.


promote your blog with email

1 Email your customers and current subscribers

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised as to how many businesses neglect to tell their current subscribers that they have a new post published.

Once you have followed proper GDPR compliance in capturing a subscribers email address, you should be actioning an email campaign to advise those subscribers who would be the perfect target for your post, that your new blog is live and link to it in the body of the email.

Also, ensure that your email gives your subscribers the ability to share your post on social media by including social media share icons within the email.

I would also suggest to help you from a readership point that apart from having blog subscriber boxes you should consider using a tool called subscribers.

Subscribers will allow you to give website visitors the ability to receive web push notifications from you without having to give you their email address.  While getting an email would be preferred, subscribers will give you the ability to send those visitors who opted in a push notification that your new post is live


promote your blog with social media


2 Social media promotion

If you are on social media (you should be) then you should utilise the power of these channels to promote your post both organically and via paid mediums for those popular posts.

Let’s look at some of the channels and how to promote your post:


promote your blog with twitter

A Twitter

Tweet out an enticing core point taken from your post with a relevant image from your blog and tweet out linking back to your site  To take this a step further you could create multiple tweets from various key points you make in the blog and schedule them to post out at different intervals each day during a specific period.

You could also consider using a scheduler like SmarterQueue that would allow you to put these multiple tweets on a retweet recycle that complies with Twitter rules.

Within your tweet make sure you tag any relevant influencers and authors you quote and do also tweet them directly to advise you have included them in your post.  Doing can be very positive as these people when tagged will like and hopefully retweet your post to their audience, hence giving you more exposure.

I would also suggest that for some blog posts where they may have a relevance for filtering a reader down a sales funnel that you consider making the tweet for such a blog post your pinned tweet for a specific period of time.  I would also suggest that you look at utilising the Twitter header background image to place a blog specific image that supports this pinned tweet to drive people to click the link.


promote your blog with facebook



B Facebook

As with Twitter create an enticing synopsis from your blog and publish it with a relevant image making sure to tag any key influencers and Facebook pages that you mention in your post but do also test at another time putting the entire blog post as a post on Facebook to see if reactions and engagement increase.

Once again be tactical in creating multiple snippet posts but I would suggest testing 3 posts per week so that your Facebook feed does not become bloated and result in your posts cancelling each other out.

As I mentioned above in Twitter have your new blog post as your pinned tweet for the period it is relevant and if the post is part of a bigger sales drive consider changing your Facebook header for a period to visually support the pinned post.

If you are part of any Facebook groups related to your industry consider, if the group rules allow, posting your post in there.

Like Twitter, if you find that a certain post has really resonated consider creating a Facebook ad around the post to drive people back to it on your site.  This could be useful for blog posts that frame a problem and your service provides the solution that you detail in the post.


promote your blog with Linkedin

C Linkedin

Linkedin, especially for Business to Business services is becoming an ever-increasing positive platform to build your brand, grow an audience and sow the seed for future growth.

To promote your blog post you have a few options that I would recommend.  First, create an update post where you craft a piece using some salient key points from your blog, tag any key people or businesses you mention in the blog and attach a relevant image from the post.

Ask for comments from your audience and then post. When you have posted go back in and edit the post and place a link back to your full blog on your video.  This is a tip I got from my friend John Espirian who is fantastic on Linkedin.

The social media channels don’t seem to like content that has links and on Linkedin especially, posts can get downgraded where they are posted initially with a link that takes the reader away from the channel.  Editing the post as described above and placing the link back into the post during an edit seems to get around this issue.

The second option to promote the blog on Linkedin is to create a more in-depth publisher post where you are using Linkedin’s own as I call it blogging platform where your content could get further exposure to a wider audience if it is received well.

Third, create a post based on your Blog and post it into your Linkedin company page if you have one and set it as the pinned post, and fourth create a post with key points and a relevant image and post into any Linkedin groups you are part of.

One final tip is to review your connections, especially those who are a key target audience for you and are not yet a customer.  Using a personal DM why not mail them to advise that you have a new piece of content created about a subject, solution etc that could be of interest to them and include the link back to your site.

This tactic, when done with specific targeting, could open up conversations with certain connections that could lead to new business opportunities.

promote your blog with youtube

D YouTube

If you don’t know already video is a medium that is exploding now.  People crave video and this type of content is something that every business should consider utilising in their strategy.

When you have created a written blog post I would always advise that you should repurpose that post into multiple forms of content (I will touch on this later in this post as to how this helps your blog promotion).  One such form is of course video.

Making a video that visually communicates key points and insights from your blog post allow you to tap into another audience who gravitate to video as opposed to text.

Using a tool like TubeBuddy you can set your video up to be best placed both from keywords and best practice to be found on YouTube and the beauty of creating a video means you can embed the video back into your original blog post on your site as well as post the video as a separate piece of content linking back to your blog on the other channels as well as email the video to your subscribers and customers.


E Instagram

Instagram is growing year on year and for many businesses can be an excellent channel.  For promoting your blog post here I would suggest a few things. Firstly if you decide that you are going to promote the post for a certain period of time consider changing the one link you get in your profile to the blog address on your website.

Second, craft multiple image posts that take core snippets from your blog and post each day based on when your audience is active on the channel.  Ensure in the post copy to use all the relevant # and even though you cannot place a link in the post put a call to action to click the profile link in your bio to find out more etc

Third, create a small 1 min blog synopsis video that can be posted on the Instagram feed and then also using an app called CutStory cut this 1 min video into small 15 second segments and upload it to Instagram stories.

With the growing popularity of IGTV, this presents another channel where you can post a longer video.  Therefore, if you have created a video from your blog for YouTube, why not post this also to IGTV.  The key thing to just remember is IGTV needs videos done in portrait rather than landscape as you would on YouTube.

If you don’t have an existing landscape video and you want to post in IGTV the just shoot the video in portrait from the start.  If you have an existing landscape video you want to use you can upload your video to a site called KapWing and you can crop to be ready for posting on this channel.


3 Contact people who have shared similar content

Do a search on google for your keywords and topic of choice and see what articles and their authors are shown organically.  From reviewing the search results you may find other key contacts who you could reach out to advise that you have written a similar post that they may be interested in reading.

If the quality of your post is good enough and compliments the author you have reached out too they may be open to a guest blog post spot for your post that could be shared with their audience.

You can also use a tool like Buzzsumo to identify the top performing articles around your topic so that you can reach out to the authors about your post but in edition Buzzsumo will show you who has shared this top performing post and also who linked to it so that once again you could contact these people to invite them to review your post and hopefully share it.


4 Online publisher site, Slideshare, Medium and Quora

Another area to consider promoting your blog is joining an online publisher site such as my ezine articles which helps authors connect with potential target audiences based on the content they submit.  You could post your blog on medium to expose it to a completely new community as well create a slide presentation of your blog for posting on Slideshare that once again exposes your content to another new audience.

Quora is a very interesting site that a lot of businesses don’t look at but which can be very powerful for your promoting your blog.  If you don’t know, Quora is a place where people will go to ask questions in the hope someone can provide the answer.  What a great way to promote your blog if you post would provide the perfect answer to a question posed by someone that could start a bigger conversation.


The power of content repurposing to promote your blog

I said at the start of this post that the way I look at a blog post is that it is more than just one article and when you think about it that blog post you have written can be repurposed into so many forms of content which each in themselves can be promoted via the channels and mediums I have advised above.

Here is are a number of pieces of content you should consider creating from your post as part of your blog promotion strategy:

1 Create multiple image tweets each containing one key point or statistic from your blog

2 Create a video short and long form

3 Turn your post into an E-Book for download

4 Create a newsletter from your blog to be emailed to subscribers and customers

5 A tip sheet from the blog

6 Turn your blog into an infographic

7 Create an audio file of your blog for a podcast

8 Create multiple gifs of your blog

9 Turn your blog into a downloadable PDF

10 Slideshare deck

11 Create a webinar

12 If you have a blog series create an online course


As you can see you should always look beyond the fact that your blog is just text.  The information contained within is key so use the many forms of content repurposing to create many pieces of content that can allow you to interact with a wide and diverse audience.

Also, don’t just post and forget about it.  Use some of the tactics here to promote and drive people to your blog for an agreed period of time to maximise your posts reach.

I hope you enjoyed this post and to help you with your blogging check out my post here where I go through how to create a proper blogging strategy.

If you are looking to understand how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy you can get my ebook by filling in the form below. You will be asked to confirm your subscription to my blog but don’t worry you can unsubscribe at any time.

Best Wishes

Phillip, The Curly Marketer


How to promote your blog for success
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