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Have you ever needed to share your computer screen with a client to conduct training or maybe show some reports?

This week I needed to do just that as I had to share my computer screen with a client for some training on Twitter that I was giving.

I needed a free, quick & easy tool, and after a quick search, I came across a tool called screen leap which allows you 1 hour free per day for up to 8 people.

I know there are plenty of these types of screen share tools but my experience with this one was very positive so it is one to try and see how you get on.

As a bonus, I have a second tool for you to look at.

The second tool is for all you WordPress users. It’s a cool plugin to allow you easily install the FaceBook pixel on your site for ad creation purpose if you don’t want to have to paste code etc.

The plugin is called Pixel Caffeine by AdEspresso who is a leader in making Facebook advertising easy.

With this plugin, you can install the Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site in a few minutes so check it out.

Hope you find these tools useful and let me know in the comments how you get on if you decide to use them.

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How to share your computer screen easily
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