If you work in social media you will undoubtedly use each day an array of social media apps on your mobile.  In this Curly Marketer Tip I wanted to share with you 16 social media apps that allow me to run my business, capture social media ideas, content curate, do video editing and manage all my Social Media scheduling.

1 Trello

Trello is a tool that organises your projects into boards. You can create multiple boards that could be projects with due dates to be completed or as I do create idea boards for videos and linked boards where I capture video titles and key words to use on youtube.


2 Evernote

Evernote is my go-to tool to capture notes and in particular to save articles on social media that I can read and review later using the web clipper tool.


3 Feedly

Feedly is my go to app for content curation.  Feedly has allowed me to save blog post RSS feeds from my favourite resources so that I can read them from one place and share them with my community.


4 YouTube Studio App/YT Studio

If you use YouTube in your social media then make sure you download this app so that you can track your video analytics and even edit your video title and thumbnail.


5 Tubebuddy

This is an amazing tool and once again is mandatory I feel if you want to really maximise your YouTube effectiveness.  This app which is a companion to the desktop site is brilliant to help you create your tags to help your video be found in search on YouTube.


6 Canva

Canva desktop is an amazing design tool that helps anyone who is not a designer create some very nice pieces for social media.  The Canva app is also really good to allow you create images and designs right from your mobile and because desktop and app are synced if you start a design on the desktop you can complete it on the mobile.

7 Canva Stories App

If you are looking for an app that makes it very easy for you to create stories for Instagram then look no further than the Canva Stories app.


8 Unsplash

If you are looking for high-quality images are free for you to use in your social media than look no further than Unsplash.


9 Snapseed

With Snapseed which is a free app you can transform any image you have or photographed yourself and turn it into something a professional would be proud of.


10 Headliner

If you are into podcasting or want to post teaser snippets of audio on your social channels than using he headliner app is the way to go.


11 Pixaloop

If you want to bring some animation to your static images such as making the water in a waterfall move then check out the Pixaloop app.


12 Wordswag


If you are sick of using the same fonts and design on your images then give Wordswag a try.


13 Introaide

If you want to create funky intros and youtube outros for your videos then Introaide could be the perfect solution for you.



If you want to be able to edit videos like a pro right from your mobile than check out the app VLLO.


15 Filmic Pro

If you want to take your mobile video creation to the next level then invest in the best video shooting app Filmic Pro.


16 Collect for WeTransfer


If you are sending yourself big files like video to your mobile via wetransfer you can have them all saved by folder or client using the Collect App.


Bonus App

If you manage many social media channels having a robust social media scheduler is vital.  Sendible I believe is the best and also one of the most cost-effective.  If you are interested in trying it out you can get a 20% discount here. (Please note that if you decide to pay for Sendible I will receive a commission)

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and check my other social media tips posts.

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Until next time. Take care.