Do you know what tagging is and why it is important?

When it comes to maximising the reach of your posts on social media, tagging is a key element to not forget.

By tagging people or companies, it gives your post the opportunity to be seen and shared with a wider audience while also building relationships for you and your brand.

For example, if I was at a conference and I wanted to tweet out about a particular speakers presentation I would not only tag the conference organiser, but I would also tag the speaker (if they have a Twitter profile).  To tag I would put the @ symbol before their twitter name or handle, mine is @ptwyford, and then send my tweet.

By tagging the speaker in this example above they would get a notification of my comment on Twitter, and if it was positive and complimentary they would probably share my comment, possibly follow me and expose my brand to their audience.

Check out my video below where I explain exactly what it is and how to do it and for more tips and to get started on Twitter check out my post here


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Do you know what tagging is and why it is important?
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