I made a great decision to partner with Phillip aka The Curly Marketer to assist me with social media strategy.

I had to acknowledge that whilst I dabble in social media I’d no coherent strategy. Of course social media has to be a function of wider business strategy and in partnership with Phillip, I’m gaining new perspective on my business.

I’m excited about the renewed sense of possibility and the new ventures that are in the pipeline.

The decision to have Phillip assist me with social media hasn’t just removed a weight from me, but I’m actually excited about social media for the first time in ages!

James Sweetman, Coach, Author, Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

Over the last three years, Phillip has worked closely with our marketing team and helped us on a number of digital projects. I have seen him grow his expertise in the social media space, BUT there is one thing that really differentiates him, i.e his “WORK ETHICS”

Teamwork, cooperation, reliability & consistency are a few top things you can expect when you work with Phillip. 

Over the last 18 years, I have managed large projects and teams and I can safely say that the people who possess strong work ethics are any day better than someone who is more skilled but poor… 

I ‘d recommend Phillip for social media strategy and management!  

Kapil Khanna 
CEO & Co-founder, All-Ireland Business Foundation