One of the things I love about Instagram is the constant innovations they are putting on features. Stickers such as the Instagram countdown sticker are fantastic and come in many forms and types.

Instagram is one of these most popular social media channels around with over 1 Billion users. If you are not using it for your business you could be missing out.

From polls, location tagging to polls there are many fun ways to engage your audience using Instagram stickers.

One of my favourite stickers is the countdown sticker.

Are you unning an event or maybe you have a limited time special offer, consider using the Instagram countdown sticker.

The countdown sticker by its name is just that. You to create a countdown to an event or something you are doing that you are promoting via your story.

Creating a countdown sticker is also very easy. Click on the sticker icon which is the smiley square in the top right with the upturned corner.

Scroll down and on the third line, you will see the countdown sticker where you can set your timer. What is very cool is that you can set a countdown sticker for up to a year in advance.

And if you want to keep you sticker alive after your story has disappeared save it to a highlight.

To see how to set this cool Instagram countdown sticker up check the video below.



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