First impressions last and especially on social media engagement and interacting with your community is key.  Thanking new followers on your social channels is a brilliant way to start a relationship so today I am going to show you 3 ways to engage on Twitter like a pro.

The first way you can thank that new Twitter follower is by sending a GIF.  Twitter has a built-in GIF application so doing this is very easy and very quick.

The second way which I have used very successfully in thanking my followers is to record an audio message.  The power of audio especially in how podcasts and clubhouse have gained such huge popularity means that people like to hear from other people.

The third way is sending a personalised video.  Like audio this is another one I have used to full effect and was one of the most successful Twitter engagement tactics I have ever used when building first impressions from the start.

So how you do all of these right from your mobile?  Watch my video below where I show you step step how you can engage on Twitter like a pro.

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