In the age of short attention spans and the mobile becoming the new TV, a video has become a medium you must have in your business strategy.  So, with this in mind do you want to know one tool for your YouTube success?  The answer is TubeBuddy.




TubeBuddy is a browser extension and the perfect tool to help you manage everything to do with your YouTube channel. It comes with a vast array of functions to help you get the most out of your channel and to ensure your videos are the very best they can be before you publish.

From bulk publishing, video analytics, the ability to create custom thumbnail images as well as giving you a handy pre-publishing video checklist, TubeBuddy is something that I feel every Youtuber should be using.

Two other wonderful things are that it is free and the functionality you get without having to spend any budget is very impressive as it gives you hand checklist of things you need to ensure you have done to make your video the best it can be.

A second handy thing about TubeBuddy is that it also comes as an app so that you can manage your youtube account when on the move via mobile.

So there you have it.  TubeBuddy is a no-brainer if you have a YouTube channel so set it yourself up today.  You won’t regret it.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.  Would you like to be able to make a simple logo sting for your videos?  Check out my post here where I talk about intromate.

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Do you want to know one tool for your YouTube success?
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