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This Is The One Thing All Twitter Experts Use For Success

Twitter was a revelation to me when I joined back in 2012.  Here was a medium that allowed me to engage, converse, promote myself and most importantly, begin to create online relationships with influencers who I looked up to.

I still consider myself the proverbial Twitter white belt but I am steadily growing my community on average between 5 and 10 new followers each day.

However, one thing that I struggled with was how do I keep up with all the tweets from those key influencers especially when I was getting multiple new tweets every second from everyone else I was following?

Social media and the entire marketing arena is not changing by the day or even by the hour, it is changing every second of every minute of every hour and we all see wave after wave of updates populating our Twitter feed.

The end result is that the majority of these tweets are not getting read even though there could be some real nuggets of knowledge.

And that is a real shame.

Following some research, I discovered this is the one thing all Twitter experts use for success to allow them actively engage with the tweets they are most eager not to miss.

They use Twitter lists.

A Twitter list will allow you to create a list defined by an interest or topic so that you can add the key people you follow directly into a central repository so that you never miss one of their tweets again.

For example. Maybe you want to ensure you are focussed on never missing the tweets of key marketing influencers.

All you have to do is create a marketing list and then add the people who you don’t ever want to miss tweets from.

Here is a great article from Social Media Examiner as to how to create your very first Twitter list so you can start today.


What is the advantage of creating a Twitter list?

If we take the example above where you have created a marketing list and have added a number of people who you follow.

Instead of hopelessly scrolling through the hundreds of tweets you have in your feed you can now simply go to your Twitter list for marketing, and easily see, read, engage and ultimately share what they are posting.

The amount of time you will win back using Twitter lists will be incredible, and it also ensures that you never really miss any of those pearls of wisdom that the people in this list are sharing.


Why you need to start using Twitter lists today


1 Better Engagement With Your Influencers

At the end of the day, you want to interact, engage and converse with the leaders, visionaries and influencers in your industry.
By having a designated Twitter list or lists, it will allow you to keep up with what these people in your chosen industry are tweeting about, and allow you to retweet, comment, share their material and ultimately help you start to engage and converse with them directly.


2 Lets You Keep Up To Date And Be Relevant

Having hot topics or knowing about the next big thing in your industry, or in the area that you are interested in is like gold.  For example, both the Huffington post and Mashable Twitter accounts constantly tweet breaking news before a lot of others have even heard of it.  What better way to raise your profile, and your authority, by been first in the eyes of your followers and peers to tweet some breaking news.


3 Ability To Engage With Your Twitter Advocates

Twitter, like all the other social media channels, is about been social and interacting with people.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to engage and share the tweets of those followers who seem to always share, support and re-tweet your content?

By creating a Twitter list of these advocates, you now can engage with them directly on Twitter, and in affect thank them for supporting your content by doing the same back for them.

In affect, this reciprocation when relevant encourages them to share your tweets even more as you begin to grow a lasting two-way relationship.  This is social engagement in action.


4 List Your Clients

Set up a Twitter list of your clients and see what they are posting about.  More than likely you may find that through their tweets there may be new solutions you could offer them, plus you can bring an added proactive dimension to the relationship you have already.


5 Keep An Eye On The Competition

Don’t forget, if you are on Twitter, chances are your competition is too.  See what they tweeting about, posting and sharing, to recognise any potential threats you need to deal with or explore opportunities that you can exploit.


To conclude

As you can see Twitter lists are a feature that you really cannot ignore if you want to get more engaged on the platform.
The positives are overwhelming and the benefits accrued I have no doubt will allow you elevate your current Twitter strategy.

I hope you enjoy this post and please share with your community.

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