So what is a branded hashtag. To give you a good example I have two. One is called #curlymarketertip and the other is #socialbitesize.

If you visit my profile on Twitter you will both of my branded hashtags in my Twitter bio. Click on these to see all my tweets and content that I have posted using these hashtags.

This is a wonderful way to showcase you content a brand to visitors of you social media profile.

A branded hashtag is also excellent when you are running a conference. A conference hashtag enables excellent engagement opportunities between both the organiser and the delegates and between delegates and each other.

This increase in engagement opportunities is what then allows for the hashtag to trend which is what ultimately you want. In social media, engagement is key.

The first word in social media is social. So using this hashtag strategy will enable this engagement to happen easier. Like everything though you have to put in the work.

Engagement is a two way thing. If your audience engages with you, you have to engage back. Using this hashtag tip will allow you stay ahead of the engagement curve.

In this video, I show you how a branded hashtag can transform your bio on Twitter and Instagram.

I also talk about how properly naming your channels helps to really focus and generate awareness of your brand.



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