I was delighted recently to be asked to be a guest on the podcast Your Time With James Sweetman. James is a brilliant motivational speaker, writer and leadership coach.

He is both a friend and a brilliant client who I have had the pleasure of working with him crafting his social media content over the last year and a half.

During this period I launched his podcast so I must admit it was a little strange doing all the audio editing as I listened to myself chat to James.

I really enjoyed the recording and in the episode I spoke about social media, strategy and shared some personal insights about my social media journey which I hope listeners would enjoy.

If you would be interested in listening to my interview then click here for the full episode and to learn more about James do visit his site here.

Do check out the podcast which I co-host with Eimer Duffy of Fit Social Media called The Let’s Get Social here where we share social media tips and tricks and I drop each week my social media joke of the episode. It’s always worth the wait.